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— And so a lot of Katara hate a la Southern Raiders arises.



Or rather, because of this post. As for the notes… just, some of these notes… 

Guys, I don’t think you quite get that it’s not loss as a concept that Aang doesn’t understand about Katara, it’s how she dealt with said loss, the circumstances surrounding it, and how it personally affects her. Because there’s a big difference. A big fucking difference. (Also it really pisses me off when people say ‘oh but he’s suffered worse than you Katara, stop being selfish’. Oh and Katara should ‘check her privilege’? Uh, WHAT? No. Just, NO.)

Allow me to explain. Some discussion of Zuko here too, and Aang.

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THANK YOU! This post actually deserves the 1,440 notes the other hateful post got because it calls the Avatar: The Last Airbender Fandom on its sexist bullshit. Fandom, shit like this is why I only hang out in certain circles of this fandom. It’s totally fine when Aang loses his shit and nearly kills all the sand-benders because he lost Appa, but it’s not fine for Katara to lose her shit when she confronts her mother’s murderer, even though it caused her a lot more emotional pain and has had a huge part in shaping her identity in both negative and positive ways?    

At least when Aang lost his temper, Katara was there to support him and him deal with his emotional turmoil in his own way. Aang wouldn’t even do that for Katara. He didn’t even try to understand why she personally wanted to go after her mother’s killer. Just because you’ve been in a similar situation to someone does not give the right to tell someone else how to deal with their pain because everyone is different. Everyone deals with their pain in different ways and that doesn’t make them a ‘bitch’ or ‘insensitive’ because it doesn’t cohere with what you believe in. 

To sum up, BE QUIET Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. Katara isn’t the one who needs to check her privilege, you do. Katara isn’t the one telling people how they should deal with the traumatic events that happened in their childhood. Katara isn’t the one passing judgement on people for not dealing with their pain in a way that she believes is ‘correct’. Katara isn’t the one who made sexist comments or is reinforcing double standards. She is an awesome person who has had a pretty shitty life and has been phenomenal in dealing with her own issues, so the fact that you still hate on her even after she spared Yon Ra’s worthless life says more about you than it does her. 

This has been a ‘appreciating fictional women you hate’ post. 

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